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Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Internet marketing agency in Thane|digital marketing services in thane

Chatbots - Game changers in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Conversational interfaces caused the development of Chatbots. Conversational interfaces would not require a click or a swipe.

Chatbots are Computer Programs driven by artificial intelligence. Chatbots are programmed to interact with humans using text or speech to resolve their queries. Chatbots are low-key and intuitive.

Website using Chatbots

Chatbots are of 3 types -

Menu / Button Based Chatbots - Conversations can follow a programmed path. In each step of the conversation, the user has to select given options to follow the next steps.

Keyword Recognition-Based Chatbots - These Chatbots are more flexible to accept text or voice-based keywords, they use customizable keywords and AI to determine the type of response provided to the user.

Contextual Chatbots - These Chatbots use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to store conversations with specific users and improve based on the interactions with users. Next time, when the user interacts with the chatbot - they would memorize the conversations done earlier and prompt the users to enter the same information and only change if required. So while deciding which chatbot to use, you have to think about the value each type of Bot would provide and make the right selection. 

Use cases of Chatbots -

a. Communicate with Visitors on Website -

    Answer Products or services queries.
    Increase sales of a retail store.
    Act as a 24*7 Customer Service Representatives to improve the user experience.
    Make Customer interaction more personal.

b. Collect data and Conduct research -

Chatbots, while communicating with customers can collect data about their habits, monitor user's behavior, buying patterns. The Data can be analyzed to determine the buying patterns of customers.

c. Lead generation -

Chatbots are much better than Traditional Contact Forms. They can increase the quantity and quality of leads by engaging visitors on a website. Chatbots can ask questions, improve targeting, leading to increased conversions. Chatbots are also used for lead generation seamlessly and smoothly.

d. Personalize the User experience -

Every Customer like personal interaction, Chatbots can be programmed to accept names and other details from users and turn it into a personalized experience by bringing up the results based on customer experience.

e. Social Media Marketing -

Social Media Marketing can be extended using Chatbots to resolve all inquiries regarding your brand or Product. Chatbots can be leveraged to generate interest in your brand or product.

f. Sell your products -

Bots can be utilized to sell products on their own. Chatbots would interact with the Customer to find a right product and proceed to checkout with the selected product.

g. Get Customer demographics -

ChatBot is an excellent way to get information about customers, participating customers in survey's, the data entered can be analyzed to ascertain what the customer's want to buy and why they want to buy.

i. Increase Customer Engagement-

ChatBot is a perfect way to start a conversation with a Customer.They can be programmed to reach out to the Customer first and start a conversation, thereby increasing chances of ringing a Sale.

j. Chatbots help employees -

Chatbots can collaborate with Productivity Tools like tracking Tasks, Scheduling appointments, answering common questions, for a new hire they can provide all the information they need, quickly and easily.

Chatbots platforms -

Chatbot publishing platform is a medium using which Chatbots can be accessed and used by the users like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Chatbot development platform provides a development tool to create a ChatBot. A chatbot is built using a development platform with API integration, machine learning capabilities, and an event flow.

1. Chatfuel is a platform by which anyone can create a Bot without any coding knowledge on Facebook. It is also completely free.

2. Botsify is another Facebook messenger chatbot platform using drag and drop templates. Using Botsify, we can provide a human takeover ability for a smooth transition from a Bot to a Human.

3. Flow XO - It allows the creation of Chatbots using multiple platforms.

Vighnaharta FlowXO

4. Beep Boop - It provides an end-to-end developer experience to create the best, easiest ChatBots.

5. Bottr - Personal ChatBots can be made from Facebook, Linked and Twitter account using data from the Social Media.

6. QnA Maker - Microsoft developed this Bot for answering questions. Build, Train and publish a simple Question and Answer Bot based on FAQ URLs.

7. Recast.ai - It is a Bot building platform that enables to train, build and run your Bot. ChatBots can be built to understand predefined queries and set up responses quickly. They provide messaging metrics and bot analysis tools to enhance understanding.

8. BotKit - Clever, conversational applications can be created using Botkit.

9. ChatterOn.io - It is a Bot development platform to build Facebook Messenger bots, which does not require any coding.

10. GupShup - Interactive, programmable and omnichannel messaging bots are build using the APIs.

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